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it can't be helped.

{ ♥ | fay }

weLc0mE to mY j0urNaL.

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vanessa fay.

female. eighteen. brunette and brown eyed. half and half. financial management student. gemini. movie enthusiast. lover of literature. ipod headphones constantly in need of replacement due to overuse. fangirl extraordinarie. half-assed fashionista. forever a kid at heart. day dreamer. compassionate. in love with life. old school romantic. seattle geliebter. adores superheroes. overzealous dorama fan. resident photographer. lover of the simple pleasures in life. enjoys beverages that are warm, meaning COFFEE. this journal is a plethora and a mixture of updates about what's going on in my life, various fandom fangirling, and complete randomness. i may not censor myself. my journal is for my thoughts, feelings, and whatever i feel like posting. if you have a problem with that, then tough cookies - don't read it.

...forever in-love with Akame