akame; is back!

frustrations results to icons

hey again...
i know everybody's doing it so~
i jumped to the bandwagon, i guess.

the main reason is i was frustrated with my brother..
we fought and i can't believe i cried.
screw estrogens!
and we only fought over his friggin' iPod!

so yeah...
here it goes.

and i've been wanting to say this out loud.


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akame; is back!


i never thought i'd be this nervous.
i barely ate and my suitcase is still unpacked... fully.

i'll get my results more or less the following two days
and the anxiety is killing me...

so i made some icons.
i'm still insecure with my PSing talents so be nice ^___^
it's weird~

i was so fast.
there are some old ones i made that i threw in there
and until now.. still making some more.

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akame; is back!

OMG~!!!! the shiny!!!!


*breaths... calms...*

my New Year is starting with a loud BANG!
they even tried to hide it from me..
as if i wouldn't know.


so we were in the kitchen right and man!

it's the shiniest thing i've ever seen so far in my
limited range of receiving gifts...

M y   N e w   1 5 . 4 ″   M a c B o o k   P r o

yeah... switching~

i know, it's not the best out there but still...

i gotta say, the packaging is very impressive.
Apple needs to be applauded.


finally, in my room--
i have no complains with my old laptop...
it's just... it's what, almost two years old?

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo & 2GB RAM
  • OS X boot time - 31 seconds
  • Open iTunes 7 - 6.9 seconds
  • Open Firefox 2 - 8.0 seconds
  • Open Acrobat Pro 7 - 25.73 seconds
  • Burn 512MB DVD - 6 mins 44 seconds
  • Import 112 photos (512MB) - 4 mins 44 seconds
  • Open 2.1MB photo in Photoshop - 16.9 seconds
  • Fully boot XP Pro in Parallels - 15.7 seconds

my brother was jealous to say the least but
he knew it was my turn since he got an Xbox 360 just last month.
LOL! the pout in his face~

i could kiss APPLE right now~

and then in the living area~

i couldn't stop taking shots at it.. sorry ^^
the screen is so glossy and it's kinda annoying when hit by the
light at an angle.
either way, ME LOVES IT!

then in my desk~

so there she is...

oh my god, i just knew it....
she'll break one of this days and it'll be my fault!
i'm too clumsy

everything looks so crisp!

sorry for spamming.
sorry for whining.
sorry for being a baby up there.
sorry for being an ignorant ass
and making a big deal out of this.


i'm just too frigging happy!

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

akame; is back!


yeah... i was... believe it or not~

       by: carrotfreak

10 things that made me HAPPY lately~

1] my dad bought me another external hard drive... he knows me too well...
2] everyone was home for Christmas and my mom cooked and we got drunk together.
3] I'm expecting a new laptop in the New Year. *crosses fingers*
4] tomalicious_frm is up and running ans already has a lot of stuff in them...
    and they choose me as a maintainer *blush*
5] updated my profile as well, it's not the bast but still... there used to be noting there. XD
6] vani13 had lots of Akame Christmas themed fics and the area all just LVE!
7] I'm still broke but some if my uncles gave out money for Christmas so, life is great!
8] ajin9 made me a new header and of course i took awesome!
9] H&C and ! Pound Gospel has won a lot of my anticipation.
10] .......and making up for my sleep...

  okay then... tagging...

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jazzmine_lj, faytix, yamapink
nani_ga, chochajin, _klonie_,

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