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On Wednesday, Leah Dizon held a press conference regarding her sudden marriage last week, and a few more details have been revealed. In agreement with previous reports, her husband has been identified as the 29-year-old stylist "Bun," who is said to resemble Johnny Depp and is actually well-known in the industry. His looks include a trademark black hat and a moustache, and he has done styling for the Kobe Collection and for other popular artists, including BoA.

The two apparently met just this past January when Bun provided styling for Dizon in her "Love Paradox" music video. They quickly began dating, and it has been revealed that Dizon is already in her fourth month of pregnancy.

Although Bun is known for his skills, he also seems to have a reputation as a playboy. In the past, there have been rumors linking him to various singers, actresses, and talentos. At the press conference, Dizon said that she was attracted more to his mind and his simple nature than his looks, but Bun answered the same question by referring to Dizon's butt, calling it a "big peach."

Dizon was also asked for her thoughts on children, and she said she would like to eventually have two or three kids, with at least one boy and one girl.

The couple have already started their newlywed life together, but because Dizon is an American citizen, it appears that they have extra paperwork to take care of. Meanwhile, Dizon is taking a break from work to prepare for her delivery, though her comeback has not yet been scheduled.

source: tokyograph

....hmm, well, it's till her choice ^^; and i think some people are maybe hating the idea that he's a tagged playboy but who knows, yeah? what if he was really serious about her, they're having a child after all...
the "big peach" comment on her ass, that, i think is cute.. means he's comfortable enough to say such things even if it may not settle so good on some people XD and she got pregnant quite fast, four months on, the guy must be something >.<'

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