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American-born idol Leah Dizon (22) is now a married woman. Dizon finished her first tour with a show in Shibuya on Tuesday, and just before her last song, she shocked all of her fans by announcing that she got married last Friday.

Dizon's husband is reportedly a Japanese stylist that she met through work. They met about a year ago when he was involved in a shoot for one of Dizon's CD jackets. They became friends after Dizon began consulting with him about work, and it developed into a relationship. The man is said to be older than the idol, but still in his twenties.

The couple recently discovered that Dizon is pregnant, and they decided to get married. A press conference with more details is being held on Wednesday.

source: tokyograph

well, there goes Miss Leah Dizon for you ^^;
and i think it's nice that they've wed as to not the child illegitimate.. brave move for her.

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