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updated my profile~ no proper credits yet, cause i still have to manage my links so yeah and...
it's a little fic, supposed to be for Lenny-chan but she forced me to post it...
cause my brain id dead and i can't get on with the other one i was writing...

so random and there's not even a proper title...
so--- go! >.<'

Title: Experiment #001
Paring: Akame
Genre: close to PWP[?] cause it's not really there.
Disclaimer: ...owning them maybe on the second life :P
A/N: xlolitsnozomix... ever awesome! thanks for the beta!

"Feeling better?" Jin asks as Kame gets out of the stall.

Since Kame was pushed into playing soccer, his body wasn't really conditioned for such vigorous activity, baseball was never this tiring, Kame thinks to himself.

"Yeah, I really am. Just a little sore across my back."

"Maybe I can help that. I'm told I give good massages."

Kame contemplates, blushes and thinks "His hands all over me. Oh, sure, I'm going to turn THAT down."

"That would be great," he replies hesitantly. As he approaches the bed, he feels every fiber of his being wound up into impossible knots.

Jin goes to the bathroom then, emerging with a few clean towels, spreading one on the bed over the sheets. Kame—having a hard time breathing correctly—lies face down, undoing the towel on the front and leaving it to cover his rear.

Jin gulps heavily, thick saliva suddenly coating his throat and making it hard to talk normally.

"I know I've got some lotion in here somewhere,” he says as he rummages through his drawers. "Here it is,” he says with a lop-sided grin, making Kame's groin throb all the more.

Jin approaches the bed, his sweat pants hanging seriously low on his hips, making emphasis of his naked chest and the trail of hair that disappeared where the pants began.

Pouring a generous amount into his hands, Jin starts massaging Kame's neck and shoulders, putting a little more pressure on the tense arch of his neck joint. And every nerve and muscle seems to melt beneath his hand. Jin's touches are firm, but never too hard that it hurt. Kame tries in vain to be quiet, burying his face on the pillow and biting down on his lower lip, this had been a bad idea! Despite his efforts though, he isn’t able to hold down the little moans of pleasure that escape his throat against his will as Jin works his way down Kame’s body. Jin then lowers his attentive hands to Kame's back; his pace is precise and steady, pausing every now and then to add more lotion on his hands.

When Jin reaches the edge of the towel, he deftly removes it, exposing Kame's pert ass to his hungry eyes. Kame consciously feels Jin's stare on a certain part of his anatomy which causes him to stop breathing and thinking altogether. He starts to rub on Kame's hips until he was kneading his nether cheeks, applying considerable pressure and squeezing them in his big warm hands. Jin’s wandering fingertips accidently rub themselves into his entrance several times, making Kame want to tear the pillow apart and jerk a bit as his cock got harder by the second. Jin moves on to his thighs instead, and then the calves and feet, as if nothing happened.

The whole thing is too erotic for Kame to handle, what with his inexperience and not very exciting sex-life, Jin doesn't even have to do anything sexually overt to turn Kame on like this. Jin is simply acting like a real physical therapist, giving a full body massage to a friend for free.

"Kame, roll over," Jin commands. Kame hesitates a bit before doing so, knowing full well that his cock, hard as rock would be exposed to Jin, leaking already with pearl-like precum.

Despite that fact, Jin stays quiet and continues his task. massaging his neck and arms thoroughly, descending to his chest where his nails scrape on Kame's equally hard nipples. On that mere occasion, Kame turns his head to the side and bites down hard on his lip. Jin then moves down to rub soothing touches on his sides, which Kame thinks it feels too good to be true. Kame visibly tenses when Jin starts to draw lazy circular patterns on his hip with his thumbs. With hands in consistent motion, he reaches for Kame's shaft and starts massaging it, kneading his balls with the other hands and eventually holding his cock with both hands and massaging it quite thoroughly. At the back of his head, Kame asks if the PT people also did it this way.

A loud primal growl escapes Kame's lips, he can’t take it anymore, his bottom lip is marked with little traces of blood and he can't even feel his legs anymore.

"..J--hah!.. Jinnn!" Kame's back arches perfectly, begging for release if not for Jin's hand circling the base of this shaft.

"...Kazu, come for me..." Jin is breathing hard, he notices as Jin lowers his head and takes his cock to his mouth. The second Kame feels Jin's warm lips lock around him, he comes—pumping a series of fountain down Jin's throat which Jin welcomes with all that he is.

As he gets down from his high with a thud on the bed, Jin regards him with his half-lidded eyes and a smile of pure bliss blossoms on his lips.

"You have no idea how beautiful you look right now, Kazu," Jin says dreamily and lowers the length of his body atop Kame's and engages in his first kiss with Kame.

It’s not innocent to say the least; it’s hungry and desperate, like their whole lives were lived for this moment. Kame circles his arms on Jin's neck and pulls Jin impossibly closer to him. Teeth scrape on each other lips as both didn't give up dominance. Kame bites Jin's bottom lip gently and Jin sucks on his tongue. They beak off a minute later with a silver sliver of saliva connecting their mouth and Jin smiles, licking the from Kame's jaw to his lip, cleaning their mess up.

"..god! if you could see yourself right now Kazu..." Jin breaths, nibbling Kame's ear.

Kame shifts and pauses.


"Yeah, baby?"

"Where are your pants...?"


god! blind me with your laser pointers!

critiques, thrown rotten tomatoes, lay it on me o.O
tell me if i should stick to improving my PS skills---

Tags: akame, fanfic
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