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yeah, i admit blogcrews are kinda annoying but
only if you're late and didn't get who or what you want.
it's annoying but you know you want it!
cause you can never help it, it's too tempting! XP

therefore, i conclude that BLOGCREWS are fun.

[ B L O G C R E W S ]

{ I K U T A   T O M A }

i had an AFFAIR with Ikuta Toma

Ikuta Toma married me on Valentine's Day♥

IKUTA TOMA is my ⌈bittersweetl o v e.

IKUTA TOMA took me on a romantic trip to Venice

  IKUTA TOMA brought me to his apartment for a "sleepover" as a White Day gift.

[IKUTA TOMA] is my ♡ LOVE ♡ ☆★ A.D.D.I.C.T.I.O.N.! ★☆
I can't go a single DAY without him! ♥♥♥

{ K A M E N A S H I   K A Z U Y A }

♥ ☆ I will kiss Kamenashi Kazuya [KAT-TUN] under the mistletoe ☆ ♥

Kamenashi Kazuya Fire Horse zodiac claim

{ [ Kamenashi Kazuya ] abducted me when i was T A K I N G A S H OW E R and took me to M A R S }

I married Kamenashi Kasuya , and we adopted Taguchi Junnosuke to complete our happy little FAMILY!

~ Kamenashi Kazuya gave me an autographed KATTUN 2008 Calendar on my birthday. ~

«Kamenashi Kazuya» is my lucky c h a r m

Kamenashi Kazuya said to me { My HEART goes boom http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/6863/jklaj5.gif boom when I get next to YOU }

~ All i need is KAMENASHI KAZUYA's love

» Every night KAMENASHI KAZUYA whispers in my ear and says " Fay , you're the only one for me~ "

When I went to KAT-TUN's concert, KAMENASHI KAZUYA invited me backstage and asked me for a ♥~HOT DATE~♥

Why yes, I`m KAMENASHI KAZUYA`s number one fangirl. *Shot*

I`m KAMENASHI KAZUYA`s self-proclaimed wife. *Shot again*

++ one of my cutest dreams is having [KAMENASHI KAZUYA] as my teacher -- the hottest sensei ever. *^.^* ++
I received a Animations - envelope opens from KAMENASHI KAZUYA with his enclosed in it

KAMENASHI KAZUYA makes the hot part of me ~feel b.e.t.t.e.r~ «

Kamenashi Kazuya's name is
¦carved¦ in my heart... ×forever×←.•

I bought a keitai but » KAMENASHI KAZUYA « broke it telling me that it's u s e l e s s since he'll ALWAYS be by my side

*KAMENASHI KAZUYA* woke up one day and REALIZED that I was the ONLY ONE he could see in his EYES.

*KAMENASHI KAZUYA* said that if it weren't for ME he wouldNEVER BELIEVE in LOVE at first sight.

*KAMENASHI KAZUYA* sat outside of my BEDROOM WINDOW all night and WROTE a THOUSAND LOVE SONGS to describe his feelings for me.

*KAMENASHI KAZUYA* was caught by SURPRISE when he MET ME and immediately fell in LOVE with me.

*KAMENASHI KAZUYA* wants to make me SMILE whenever I'm SAD and he just wants to GROW OLD WITH ME.

*KAMENASHI KAZUYA* said that his BODY is like an amusement park ride and that I'll be the first one in line to ride it.


{ A K A N I S H I   J I N }

Jin's hip rolls makes me happy in the pants.

»:: Akanishi Jin .... Yes, he's my ichiban.

One night, I heard someone singing MURASAKI at my doorstep.Only to find out it was AKANISHI JIN serenading me.♥

♪" If only you could hear me shout your name,
If only you could feel MY LOVE again,
The stars ★ in the sky will never be the same,
If only, YOU were here."
[AKANISHI JIN] Please.. MARRY ME~!!!♥♥♥

{ P A I R S  &  O T H E R S }

We were playing »Truth or Dare«, and I dared Akanishi Jin to § FRENCH KISS § Kamenashi Kazuya on his Lips, HE DID! and OMG Kamenashi Kazuya was blushing like MAD!!

Jin topping Kame makes me happy in the pants.


~ I went camping with IKUTA TOMA and MATSUMOTO JUN.
We had a lot of fun!! ~

I found Tanaka Koki eating my ramen !

Yamashita Shoon said to me; " I'd do anything for you, honey " ~ ♥

In SPRING The s a k u r a blooms beautifully upon me as »JAEJOONG « gently kiss my lips under the falling petals, then whisper to my ears " 사랑해 "

I gave my virginity to Lee Hong Ki ; 이홍기

{ R A N D O M S }

When i listen to {P I N K Y} it always makes me wanna DANCE.


TTLY RANDOM!!1one Starbucks & Platform Shoes

I Capelli d'angeloClaim here

 Love Song [Sara Bareilles] is my summer breeze~

and that's it... for now >_<'

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