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right, so... yes. f-locked from now on.
since i barely update anyway and if so i did,
it'd be more or less locked.

inside are mostly 70% of fangirling and 30% RL.
it's nothing much, just picspams really >.<'
and life updates and complaints.
pastel needs so much updating XD!

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akame; is back!


*bows* made this days ago and it's not even that good
and it was still late XD!
sorry, i completely forgot.
i wish you well~♥

now, move along ^^;

akame; is back!

Kami no Shizuku: CONFIRMED!!!!

Next season, NTV is airing a live-action drama based on Tadashi Agi's popular wine-themed manga "Kami no Shizuku." The drama series will star KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi in his first salaryman role.

The original manga is currently running in Kodansha's Weekly Morning magazine. The story revolves around a young man whose father, a world-famous wine critic, suddenly dies. In order to take over his father's vast wine collection, he must face off against his adopted brother in a contest to find specific wines, even though he originally has no knowledge of wines.

"Kami no Shizuku" will run in NTV's Tuesday 10:00pm time slot, starting in January.


DUDES!!! it's finally confirmed~!!!!


akame; is back!

now i'm thinking Friday is right XD

This week's issue of FRIDAY further cemented rumors of a relationship between KAT-TUN's Junnosuke Taguchi and actress Rena Komine. The magazine published photos of the couple leaving a yakitori restaurant, shopping hand-in-hand at a supermarket, and getting close in the back of a taxi.

Taguchi's management still denies the relationship, however.

why deny it?!! i thought they looked cute~

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awwww~ ♥ pt 2

On Wednesday, Leah Dizon held a press conference regarding her sudden marriage last week, and a few more details have been revealed. In agreement with previous reports, her husband has been identified as the 29-year-old stylist "Bun," who is said to resemble Johnny Depp and is actually well-known in the industry. His looks include a trademark black hat and a moustache, and he has done styling for the Kobe Collection and for other popular artists, including BoA.

The two apparently met just this past January when Bun provided styling for Dizon in her "Love Paradox" music video. They quickly began dating, and it has been revealed that Dizon is already in her fourth month of pregnancy.

Although Bun is known for his skills, he also seems to have a reputation as a playboy. In the past, there have been rumors linking him to various singers, actresses, and talentos. At the press conference, Dizon said that she was attracted more to his mind and his simple nature than his looks, but Bun answered the same question by referring to Dizon's butt, calling it a "big peach."

Dizon was also asked for her thoughts on children, and she said she would like to eventually have two or three kids, with at least one boy and one girl.

The couple have already started their newlywed life together, but because Dizon is an American citizen, it appears that they have extra paperwork to take care of. Meanwhile, Dizon is taking a break from work to prepare for her delivery, though her comeback has not yet been scheduled.

source: tokyograph

....hmm, well, it's till her choice ^^; and i think some people are maybe hating the idea that he's a tagged playboy but who knows, yeah? what if he was really serious about her, they're having a child after all...
the "big peach" comment on her ass, that, i think is cute.. means he's comfortable enough to say such things even if it may not settle so good on some people XD and she got pregnant quite fast, four months on, the guy must be something >.<'

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awwww~ ♥

American-born idol Leah Dizon (22) is now a married woman. Dizon finished her first tour with a show in Shibuya on Tuesday, and just before her last song, she shocked all of her fans by announcing that she got married last Friday.

Dizon's husband is reportedly a Japanese stylist that she met through work. They met about a year ago when he was involved in a shoot for one of Dizon's CD jackets. They became friends after Dizon began consulting with him about work, and it developed into a relationship. The man is said to be older than the idol, but still in his twenties.

The couple recently discovered that Dizon is pregnant, and they decided to get married. A press conference with more details is being held on Wednesday.

source: tokyograph

well, there goes Miss Leah Dizon for you ^^;
and i think it's nice that they've wed as to not the child illegitimate.. brave move for her.

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i hope you change your mind... cause my fandom is falling apart.

it's getting on me, i really don't know why, it just does...

Title: Broken Dulcet
Pairing: Akame, RyoKame
Rating: G (for this chapter)
Genre: the angst
Word Count: 1,234 ... seriously.
Disclaimer: no owning, it's still illegal.
Summary: It should have been perfect, he and Jin...
                   Jin only wished he could take everything back...

A/N: Something for my current mood that i wanna get this out, it's nothing awesome but.. yeah..
also un-beta-ed cause don't wanna bother Lynna-chan and she asked for this a while back,,,...
and the angst, cause the world around me is crumbling into ruins.. dunno if i'm good at this but here's another try~
excuse the mistakes ^^;

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something, something.

updated my profile~ no proper credits yet, cause i still have to manage my links so yeah and...
it's a little fic, supposed to be for Lenny-chan but she forced me to post it...
cause my brain id dead and i can't get on with the other one i was writing...

so random and there's not even a proper title...
so--- go! >.<'

Title: Experiment #001
Paring: Akame
Genre: close to PWP[?] cause it's not really there.
Disclaimer: ...owning them maybe on the second life :P
A/N: xlolitsnozomix... ever awesome! thanks for the beta!

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akame; is back!


yeah, i admit blogcrews are kinda annoying but
only if you're late and didn't get who or what you want.
it's annoying but you know you want it!
cause you can never help it, it's too tempting! XP

therefore, i conclude that BLOGCREWS are fun.

[ B L O G C R E W S ]

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